About Me

Hello there!

My name is Gabbie. I am second to One who is second to none. Writing is a passion and my way of expression – hence the reason for this blog. Actually, I started The Journey of Moments with the goal of just sharing stories with anyone who stumbled upon this humble little blog. As I got older and a little wiser, I realized that sometimes, God’s plans for your life are not what your plans are. Now, this blog is my way of sharing with the world the beauty and grace that God gives to those He loves. He has written my story and now gives me the love of writing so that those who hear my story will see the story that God wrote.

Why the name: The Journey of Moments?

It was in the middle of the night when I finally had the courage to make a dream a reality. As I pondered the name over and over trying to think of something that would reflect what I wanted to write about. The problem was that I wanted to write about everything! Then the name The Journey of Moments came to my head. That name is so perfect for this! Life is a journey and to record the moments that make the journey is priceless. What is more priceless is that life is made up of those special moments and to share that with the world makes my heart glad. I want the world to know about my Savior. In Scripture, it talks about not being promised tomorrow or the next moment. We are only promised right now, this moment. This is my journey of moments.

I have been saved since the age of 5.

Hiking, sports, fishing, music, daydreaming, and the outdoors are a few of my favorite things.

Christmas is my favorite Holiday.

Summer is my favorite season.

I love journals – I don’t have too many journals *cue the sarcasm*

Spending time with friends and loved ones is the best.

I am a total dork and love laughing (as depicted in this image).

I love Hallmark movies, action movies, and western movies.

I literally write everything down so I don’t forget the memory.

I am an aspiring Adirondack 46er (28/46).

Soli Deo Gloria