The language of hope.

Before His ascension to Heaven, the Son of God gave a final command.

“Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature.” 

“Make disciples of all the nations.”

The lost need guidance.

The broken need healing.

The captives need saving.

Hope is the desire of the world.

Every person clings to hope for better things.

But what is the hope they crave?

Love is the language of hope.

Love sees the path to freedom and marks the way.

With Christ at the helm, love guides the lost to the light.

Take up your cross, believer and put on the armour of Christ.

For your way will not always be smooth.

The terrain will not always provide refuge.

But you are called to where few will go.

You have been tried and refined for this journey.

The refuge and strength you will require are found in your Redeemer.

Walk by faith when the way seems obscure.

You will never be alone nor be forsaken.

This He has promised.

You are equipped for the calling before you.

As you take the Gospel to the world, Heaven will be singing.

The lost will be found by His amazing grace.

Press on for the unbreakable prize, dear soldier.

No treasure could ever compare to the crown awaiting you in Glory.

You are the language of hope.

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