6 goals for the new year!

I had intended on posting this earlier, but as I got to thinking about what I had written, I realized that I had different goals for this year. Here are 6 that I have that I wanted to share… Thank you for reading!

  1. I have resolved to face every moment of this year knowing that God is with me. As difficult or as easy as that may be, I want to face every moment truly knowing that I can face the moment because God is on my side. He delights in me, as David describes it in Psalms, and as His child, I am loved by Him. My prayer and constant goal are to always remember that.
  2. I want to write more.  I have increased my writing in the past year, and when I write my thoughts and feelings down, I tend to find that I understand things better. With that said, I want to learn more about myself, know why I feel the way I do, know why I think the way I do, and most of all learn how to handle all this information. This has become a sort of therapy for me as it helps me be less anxious and less stressed.
  3. I want to be more in tune with God’s voice. Whenever I feel as though God has silenced His voice, I later realize that I just wasn’t listening. Recently, I was burdened by God to face a situation I had not wanted to. The thing is, I seem to have been shutting Him out lately without realizing it; therefore, not understanding or knowing what He had planned for me. Reading His Word and praying more will equip me for battle!
  4. I want to deepen my friendships. I have realized in the last few years that friends are truly gifts to be treasured. I have been blessed by many people I would call my friends. There are a few close ones, but I want to practice treasuring them always as if I could lose them. I want the people around me that I care about to fully know how special they are to me.
  5. Overcome mental blocks. The things that happen in my mental self are things that I need to understand better. While understanding, I also need to understand that life is meant to be lived to the fullest. These things may be holding me back from certain things, but they will never overcome my life. I must learn to overcome them. Fear and anxiety; distractions and frustration; stress and sadness…. all these things, as I am learning, can be overcome by faith in Christ. You see, I realized today that when you are happy and feeling joy, knowing God is with you is easy. When things are low and sad, its hard to remember that God is still with you. No matter how happy or sad, God is always with you. He has promised that joy will come in the morning. For you, keep remembering the One who died for you, created you, gave you life, and loves you more than anyone on this Earth could ever love you.
  6. My identity is in Christ. Most of us wear a mask because we are either afraid or ashamed of who we really are. No matter how much we realize those who love and care for us truly love us for who we are, there is always this need to wear a mask. I have been guilty of this action. I lack confidence in many situations, as well as bravery and that creates room for fear. Fear seems to have been my mask for so long that it’s taking a while to remove. I want to remove the fake identities and masks…permanently.


That is all for now… I am thinking of starting a bucket list on here and sharing it with you all. Please leave in the comments your goals or resolutions! 🙂

Soli Deo Gloria!


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