An end to a time

Well, its official... I am no longer a teenager!

I am both excited and nervous about what lies ahead in my twenties. With my teen years now behind me, I have been reflecting on those years.

If you are familiar with the Harris family (Greg and Sono Harris, Joshua Harris, Alex, and Brett Harris), then you are familiar with Josh Harris’ I Kissed Dating Goodbye and Brett and Alex’s Do Hard Things and Start Here: Doing Hard Things right where you are.

I have been to the conferences about both books. They have had an impact on my life and I honestly am so glad that these books are out there!

I have read all of Do Hard Things and Start Here. After reading both books, its hard not to want to get up and go make a difference in the world. Well, as I reflect on my teenage years, I ask myself, “Did I do hard things?”. I would like to think that I did do hard things in my teenage years. I did rebel against the low expectations. Maybe not in ways that most would expect, but in ways that have been monumental in my life and hopefully in others. I am humbled when I say that Christ is the one who gave me the strength and the grace to do the hard things in my life! One day, I will share some of those hard things, but for now, I am challenging myself – and you – to continue doing hard things. I don’t want to stop here. I feel as though I am on a mountaintop looking back at the journey it has been to get here.

I want to start a new journey now. One that has even more rough terrain and challenges. Christ is revealing His purpose for my life every day. Each day He is calling me higher and higher up the mountain. I am growing to love the challenges. I am growing to love the high peaks. Most of all, I am growing to love the Lord more and more every day!

I am so thankful for the years that I have been on this earth! I am so humbled by the person God is making me. I hope to always be up for the challenges and to be ever trusting of the Father!

Here’s to a new start to a new decade! 🙂

Soli Deo Gloria

“And shall I pray Thee change Thy will, my Father,
Until it be according unto mine?
But, no, Lord, no, that never shall be, rather
I pray Thee blend my human will with Thine.

I pray Thee hush the hurrying, eager longing,
I pray Thee soothe the pangs of keen desire—
See in my quiet places, wishes thronging—
Forbid them, Lord, purge, though it be with fire.”
― Amy Carmichael


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