What is the journey of moments?

I have decided to take a moment and explain the name I chose for this blog.

To begin, life is a journey and we are all passing through on this journey. Our lives are made up of moments. As we enter the world what we do in those moments defines who we are.

Each moment should be lived to the fullest. Give it your all in every moment of your journey.

For me, this is my journey of moments, what I have done and what I do to define who I am. In one of the moments in my life, I was changed forever when Christ came into my heart. He has been working in my heart ever since. In a way, the journey of moments is really the journey of life. I think that all too often, we tend to think of life as just “life”. Moments are more relative to the cause for truly living.

My hope through this is to truly find what “living to the fullest” really means. I also hope to document it for the world and through that explore how living passionately brings fulfillment.

Soli Deo Gloria!



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